PAX 2012 Oops Kit


The “PAX 2012 Oops Kit” was an exclusive and limited-edition release by Cards Against Humanity during the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) 2012 event. This specialized kit was likely created as a response to an error or misprint in the production of the original game or one of its expansions. The “Oops Kit” is a term used by the game creators to address such issues, providing replacement cards or corrections for misprinted or erroneous content.

The PAX 2012 Oops Kit probably contained replacement cards or revised versions of certain cards that were initially included in the game but contained mistakes, misprints, or errors in content. These kits were likely offered to attendees at PAX 2012 as a means to rectify any errors found in the game’s production, ensuring that players received accurate and high-quality cards for their decks.

Exclusive releases like the PAX 2012 Oops Kit allowed Cards Against Humanity to demonstrate their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction by addressing any misprints or errors directly with attendees at conventions like PAX. These kits likely served as a means to rectify any issues discovered post-production, providing players with corrected cards and maintaining the game’s overall integrity. However, due to their specific purpose of rectifying errors, these kits might not have been available beyond PAX 2012 or as part of a general retail release.

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