ClickHole Greeting Cards Pack

Cards Against Humanity ClickHole Greeting Cards Pack

The Cards Against Humanity ClickHole Greeting Cards Pack is a collaborative expansion that infuses the signature irreverent humor of both ClickHole and Cards Against Humanity into an entertaining card set. ClickHole, known for its satirical take on internet culture and viral content, teams up with Cards Against Humanity to produce a pack that embodies their shared penchant for absurdity and clever wit. This unique collaboration promises a blend of hilarious, offbeat, and unexpected cards inspired by ClickHole’s distinctive style.

Players can expect an assortment of cards that capture ClickHole’s satirical humor and Cards Against Humanity’s outrageousness, resulting in a collection of prompts and responses that embrace the absurdity of internet culture. The ClickHole Greeting Cards Pack likely features references to internet memes, absurd scenarios, and humorous cultural commentary, creating combinations that evoke laughter and surprise during gameplay. This collaboration aims to offer a fresh and entertaining expansion that reflects the zany, tongue-in-cheek humor characteristic of both brands.

The partnership between ClickHole and Cards Against Humanity in the creation of this expansion pack embodies a fusion of unconventional and comedic perspectives. By incorporating ClickHole’s unique style into the Cards Against Humanity universe, the Greeting Cards Pack adds a dose of internet-infused hilarity to the game. As players combine these cards to form witty and outlandish combinations, they are treated to a satirical and humorously absurd experience that captures the essence of both ClickHole and Cards Against Humanity.

Black CardHallmark has invented a new holiday. It's call "___ Day."
Black CardRoses are red. Violets are blue. I am ___, and so are you.
Black CardHappy Birthday! I love you. Here's ___.
Black CardHoney, it's gonna take more than a shitty greeting card to make up for ten years of ___.
Black CardI cannot stop smiling about ___.
White CardEmerging from my mother's vagina.
White CardTurning 70 and still being fuckable.
White CardAn explosion of glitter.
White CardMy five dead husbads.
White CardMom's special birthday rimjob.
White CardLuring my husband to the bedroom with a trail of ferret teeth and appearing on the bed in a ferret costume.
White CardEating my children.
White CardLooking like shit.
White CardA one-star Uber driver named "Wife of Tarantula."
White CardGive me a kiss.

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