Vote For Hillary Pack

Cards Against Humanity Vote For Trump Pack

The “Vote For Hillary Pack” by Cards Against Humanity was a themed expansion released during the time of the U.S. presidential election in 2016. This expansion likely incorporated prompts and responses that humorously referenced the political climate, candidates, and events surrounding the highly contentious election. It might have included cards that satirized political slogans, debated issues, or memorable moments from the campaigns, aiming to bring laughter to the charged atmosphere of the election season.

The 2016 Vote Pack, if it existed, could have been a way for Cards Against Humanity to engage with the political fervor and offer players a chance to playfully explore the absurdities or controversies surrounding the election. This themed expansion might have included a mix of witty and satirical cards that allowed players to inject humor into the political discourse of the time, offering a light-hearted take on the intense and often polarizing nature of the election cycle.

Given the sensitivity and divisiveness of political content, especially during an election year, a themed expansion like the 2016 Vote Pack might have elicited mixed reactions among players with varying political affiliations. However, as Cards Against Humanity often navigates controversial topics through humor and satire, this expansion likely sought to provide players with a way to approach the political landscape with irreverence and levity, albeit within the context of a party game.

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Cards Against Humanity Vote For Trump Pack

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