Sci-Fi Pack

Cards Against Humanity Sci-Fi Pack

The Cards Against Humanity Sci-Fi Pack is an expansion designed for fans of science fiction, delving into the realm of futuristic concepts, interstellar adventures, and technological wonders. This expansion features a collection of prompts and responses that pay homage to the vast universe of science fiction, encompassing references from popular sci-fi franchises, space exploration, futuristic technologies, and the imaginative possibilities of the genre.

Players who enjoy science fiction and its various tropes will appreciate the Sci-Fi Pack’s humorous take on the genre’s themes. The cards in this expansion cover a wide range of topics, including aliens, dystopian futures, time travel paradoxes, futuristic gadgets, and more, delivering a blend of clever and absurd combinations that celebrate the quirks and intricacies of the sci-fi universe.

The Sci-Fi Pack offers a chance to infuse game nights with an otherworldly twist, inviting players to explore the limitless boundaries of the science fiction genre through the lens of Cards Against Humanity’s irreverent humor. Whether engaging in humorous musings about advanced technology or indulging in intergalactic shenanigans, this expansion provides an entertaining and playful journey into the fantastical realms of science fiction, making it an exciting addition for sci-fi enthusiasts and fans of the game alike.

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