Climate Catastrophe Pack

Cards Against Humanity Climate Catastrophe Pack

The “Climate Catastrophe Pack” is an expansion released by Cards Against Humanity that delves into the pressing and often serious topic of climate change. This pack likely comprises a collection of cards centered around environmental issues, global warming, ecological disasters, and societal responses to the impending climate crisis. The Climate Catastrophe Pack aims to infuse the game with thought-provoking prompts and responses that humorously address the severity of environmental challenges.

While maintaining the game’s signature irreverent style, this expansion seeks to raise awareness about climate change through humor and satire. The cards in the Climate Catastrophe Pack may touch on various aspects of environmental concerns, from absurd solutions to catastrophic events, offering players a way to engage with the topic while eliciting laughter and discussion. By integrating cards that prompt witty yet reflective responses on the environment and climate-related dilemmas, this expansion encourages players to consider these critical issues in a more lighthearted and approachable manner.

The release of the Climate Catastrophe Pack demonstrates Cards Against Humanity’s ability to tackle significant social and global issues through the lens of its game. While the expansion uses humor to navigate the complexities of climate change, it aims to prompt conversations and awareness about the urgency of environmental issues. However, it’s essential to approach this expansion with sensitivity, acknowledging that while the game aims to entertain and educate, the topic of climate change is a serious and multifaceted global concern that demands real-world attention and action.

Black CardBREAKING NEWS: Florida destroyed by ___!
Black CardAl Gore is giving the world a wake-up call with his new documentary, "An Inconvient Truth About ___."
Black CardWhat's a simple solution to all of humanity's problems?
Black CardNew from David Attenborough, Planet Earth III: ___.
Black CardGreta Thunberg hates ___.
White CardA chart that just says "SHIT BAD."
White CardEmpty promises and half measures.
White CardGetting hurled into a wildfire by a hurricane.
White CardThe increasingly depressing narration in the nature documentaries.
White Card36 billion metric tons of CO2.
White CardBall sweat.
White CardTitty sweat.
White CardDead whales all over the place.
White CardEating Grandma to survive.
White CardLiving in a pineapple under the sea, because of climate change.
White CardGiving billions of taxpayer dollars to oil companies.
White CardTrying to stop climate change with weird chemicals, but accidently creating a new ice age, and now the only surviving humans are stuck on a cyberpunk murder-train.
White CardIgnoring climate change and hoping it goes away.
White CardRegulatory capture.
White CardThe world going to shit.
White CardHuman Extinction.
White CardPlastic.
White CardHot.
White CardSucking farts out of a cow's butthole.
White CardFucking a tree.
White CardA massive, corrdinated international effort to stop climate change.
White CardNot believing in science.
White CardThe Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
White CardPost-apocalyptic bear-cockroaches.

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