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The “ClickHole Greeting Cards Pack” by Cards Against Humanity was a collaborative expansion inspired by ClickHole, a satirical website operated by The Onion. Released as a limited edition, this pack likely featured a collection of prompts and responses influenced by ClickHole’s distinct brand of absurd and humorous content, reflecting the website’s style and tone within the Cards Against Humanity gameplay.

The ClickHole Greeting Cards Pack probably included cards crafted with ClickHole’s trademark surreal and satirical humor. It might have featured prompts and responses that playfully mocked or parodied various aspects of everyday life, internet culture, or pop culture phenomena, aligning with ClickHole’s knack for poking fun at societal norms and conventions.

This collaboration likely aimed to offer players a unique and entertaining expansion that merged the comedic styles of both Cards Against Humanity and ClickHole. The pack might have provided fans of both entities with an opportunity to experience ClickHole’s brand of humor within the framework of Cards Against Humanity’s irreverent gameplay, creating a blend of absurdity and satire for an engaging and amusing gaming experience. However, the availability of this pack might have been limited as a special release and might not have been widely distributed beyond its initial launch.

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