2014 Holiday Pack

Cards Against Humanity 2014 Holiday Pack

The “2014 Holiday Pack” by Cards Against Humanity was a special holiday-themed expansion released during the 2014 holiday season. This pack was likely offered for purchase as a standalone expansion or as part of a holiday bundle, featuring a collection of prompts and responses tailored to the festive spirit of the holidays.

The 2014 Holiday Pack probably included cards referencing various holiday traditions, seasonal humor, popular cultural references related to the holiday season, or comical situations typical of holiday gatherings. This limited-edition expansion was likely curated to entertain and engage players during holiday-themed game nights, offering a blend of irreverent humor and festive cheer.

Exclusive holiday releases like the 2014 Holiday Pack allowed Cards Against Humanity to cater to the holiday spirit while maintaining its trademark style of humor. The themed content was designed to resonate with players celebrating the holiday season, providing them with a unique and amusing addition to their Cards Against Humanity collection that captured the essence of the festive period. However, as these holiday packs were typically seasonal and themed for a specific year, they might not have been available beyond the 2014 holiday season or as part of a general retail release thereafter.

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