Climate Catastrophe Pack

Type Card
Black Card BREAKING NEWS: Florida destroyed by ___!
Black Card Al Gore is giving the world a wake-up call with his new documentary, "An Inconvient Truth About ___."
Black Card What's a simple solution to all of humanity's problems?
Black Card New from David Attenborough, Planet Earth III: ___.
Black Card Greta Thunberg hates ___.
White Card A chart that just says "SHIT BAD."
White Card Empty promises and half measures.
White Card Getting hurled into a wildfire by a hurricane.
White Card The increasingly depressing narration in the nature documentaries.
White Card 36 billion metric tons of CO2.
White Card Ball sweat.
White Card Titty sweat.
White Card Dead whales all over the place.
White Card Eating Grandma to survive.
White Card Living in a pineapple under the sea, because of climate change.
White Card Giving billions of taxpayer dollars to oil companies.
White Card Trying to stop climate change with weird chemicals, but accidently creating a new ice age, and now the only surviving humans are stuck on a cyberpunk murder-train.
White Card Ignoring climate change and hoping it goes away.
White Card Regulatory capture.
White Card The world going to shit.
White Card Human Extinction.
White Card Plastic.
White Card Hot.
White Card Sucking farts out of a cow's butthole.
White Card Fucking a tree.
White Card A massive, corrdinated international effort to stop climate change.
White Card Not believing in science.
White Card The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
White Card Post-apocalyptic bear-cockroaches.
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