ClickHole Greeting Cards Pack

Type Card
Black Card Hallmark has invented a new holiday. It's call "___ Day."
Black Card Roses are red. Violets are blue. I am ___, and so are you.
Black Card Happy Birthday! I love you. Here's ___.
Black Card Honey, it's gonna take more than a shitty greeting card to make up for ten years of ___.
Black Card I cannot stop smiling about ___.
White Card Emerging from my mother's vagina.
White Card Turning 70 and still being fuckable.
White Card An explosion of glitter.
White Card My five dead husbads.
White Card Mom's special birthday rimjob.
White Card Luring my husband to the bedroom with a trail of ferret teeth and appearing on the bed in a ferret costume.
White Card Eating my children.
White Card Looking like shit.
White Card A one-star Uber driver named "Wife of Tarantula."
White Card Give me a kiss.
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